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Hey girly! Check out our NEW weekly planner. What I mostly love about the Seek Peace Planner is the simplicity and encouragement you will find once you open it! It is very important that I honor God in everything that I do which is why we are a faith based company!



  • A planner made simple! This easy to use planner includes 67 weeks of planning sheets where you can fill out exactly what week it is and list out your must dos! Or important events.

  • Each planner is also spread out with multiple notes sheets where you have space to write whatever you may please for example; journal about your day, jot down important ideas, or information.

  • Each planner also has encouraging quotes and a few scriptures throughout.

  • At the back of the planner you will find multiple habit trackers, we have decided to include them in the back to allow freedom as to when you would like to begin tracking your habits and acknowledging that it may not be an every week thing.

  • Lastly a couple of contacts sheets.


*BONUS* We believe that gratitude is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle so expect to list some things that you are grateful for throughout the weeks!



Thanks for submitting!

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